‘We know our job and getting that done right will always be the priority’


All ‘Well Suited’ security operatives complete a training course to ensure that they are ready and up to facing the challenges of working on set, by the time that they arrive on plot. From the simple things, like how to answer and use a radio, all the way up to blocking off and assembling/striking on-set equipment. We make sure that our operatives are ‘well suited’ to any task that you may throw at them.



Reliable, assured security that is two-fold in its application:
VIGILANCE – Protection of equipment, crew, cast and machinery. Around the clock guarding and safekeeping, to ensure that everybody leaves with exactly what they came in with

PREVENTION -Stopping things getting stolen is only part of the job. We, at Well Suited, understand that prevention is better than cure. By having well-presented, well-positioned and vigilant security operatives, we can best ensure that we not only identify potential threats and suspicious characters before they have a chance to try anything


Beyond simply securing the personnel and equipment on set, Well Suited operatives will also assist with various tasks on set. These will include:

Blocking Off – Ensuring that members of the public don’t wonder into shot, whilst recording

Building/Breaking-down/Moving Set Equipment – Things such as setting up space heaters, E-Z Ups, lights and changing dividers so that we free up time for you to concentrate on other things.

Key Collection/Retention – Travelling to different locations and needed access to different buildings, car park, vacant lots and anything else will mean a steady flow of keys needing to be handled at all times. We are able to assist with the picking up (and signing-out) of keys and give you yet another thing to not have to worry about


Often keeping the details and whereabouts of where you are shooting behind closed doors, is the best approach to ensuring that you are able to work with minimal fuss and distraction.

However, there are times when the scale or location of what you are filming, or setting up, is bound to attract a crowd. In these circumstances, Well suited have a great team of both Security Operatives and Security Stewards, that will work together to ensure that everyone is kept at the appropriate distance, so as not to interfere with what is going on, as well as ensuring that they are handled in a safe and respectful manner.


This will include complete support of the logistical and operational running of your Unit Base. Which will include the management, collection and delivery of:

  • Water Bowsers
  • Fuel Bowsers
  • Waste bowsers
  • Generators
  • Tower Lights
  • General Site Waste

We will also assign dedicated Unit Base security guards to oversee the entry/exit of personnel to the Unit Base and ensure that only authorised individuals gain access, 24-hours a day.


After the hard work is done and the production is ready for release, it would only make sense to stick with the same, assured security team that have been looking after your equipment and keeping you safe since the start of the process.

Security and Red Carpet support, for West End Premiers, is just a natural evolution from our work on the film sets. In addition to this, we also provide security for Corporate Events, Promotional Events, Product Launches, Wrap Parties, High-End Weddings and more.


Simply suspending roads is not enough. People misread signs and (sometimes) even simply chose to ignore them. Even though most councils will offer a ‘lifting service’ as part of the suspension fee, they often only have one or two trucks in operation at any given time, which means that it can take hours for them to get round to you.

Unwanted private cars within your suspended bays lead to you having to find alternative spaces for your technical vehicles to park up and unload. This means delays to the production, as well as causing disruption to the local community too.

Complaints, tickets, fines and confrontations with the public can all be mitigated by utilizing coning operatives to get there, ahead of time, and make sure that the applicable spaces are coned and reserved. Whether you are saving space for you technical vehicles or just looking to clear areas for the purpose of getting a shot, coning operatives are yet another essential component to the film making process.


Regardless of the size of your unit, you are going to have a vast number of cars that will need to be parked up in a coordinated and efficient manner, every single day.

Between Technical Vehicles, Unit Cars, Minibuses, Large Mobile Machinery (such as Genie Booms and Scissor Lifts) and also the cast and crew’s personal cars, there will be a lot of vehicles on the move all day and every day that you are active.

We provide total logistical support for parking and ensure that everyone has continual access to their vehicles at any time. We will also make sure that all vehicles are watched over and kept secure 24/7.

Unit Cars

We are able to provide luxurious and professional transportation for your cast, senior members
of your crew and production team, as well as any other high-profile guests or persons of interest.
Well Suited have experienced, personable drivers that ensure that all who travel in our Unit Cars
are given a comfortable and luxurious experience that sets us apart from the competition.

Traffic Management

Traffic management is an important element of the shooting process, enabling you to close roads
and public footpaths and control the flow of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians in the local
environment, in order to get the perfect shot.
Much like with Security, Traffic Management is monitored and regulated by the government and
needs to be performed by licensed and accredited operatives. All our Traffic Management
operatives are Streetworks registered and hold City & Guilds qualifications. They are also fully
compliant with The New Roads and Streetworks Act.

VIP Security
& Close Protection

Keeping your stars, plus their guests, safe and secure at all times is essential to the production
making process.
At Well Suited, we have professional and personable CP operatives that are experienced in
delivering tight, but non-intrusive, close protection to keep your main assets safe and
comfortable from the moment that they leave their houses/hotels in the mornings, to the
moment we return them, safe and sound, at the end of the day.

other services

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    VIP Security
    & Close Protection

    Experienced and personable CP operatives that will,non-intrusively, shadow and protect your key personnel. Total protection from the moment they are picked up in the morning, until the moment they are
    dropped off at night

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    Traffic Management

    Experienced and licensed TM operatives that work alongside security, to manage the safe flow of vehicles between shots. In addition to ensuring that vehicles are held throughout shooting, for you to get the shots you need

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    Unit Cars

    Luxurious and professional transportation services that will ensure
    your main cast, senior crew and persons of interest, travel comfortably and on-
    time, in style and safety

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